As a specialist agency for communications and advice in the healthcare market, we focus on imparting medical topics in a sustained manner.

Our clients include research-based drug manufacturers with their innovative products.  For 30 years we have designed and organized individual, tailor-made and targeted event solutions.

For us, quality is of particular importance. The foundation is formed through conceptional thought, understanding the questions posed by clients, profound knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and excellent contacts to experts and lecturers.

Events are amongst the most effective instruments for imparting information and messages, especially in the digital age. The strength of presentation events is in the personal encounter. With virtually no other instrument is it possible to so precisely approach target groups and directly control communication processes than through personal dialogue.

Prior to market entry, as well as in the different phases of the product life cycle, we design and accompany the communications so as to raise the profile of innovative substances.

We are happy to advise you where the planning and concept of your forthcoming events is concerned. Utilize our expertise:  Whether this concerns the detailed concept and organization, the targeted presentation, the use of the very latest interactive event technologies or the further education of medical practitioners as well as their certification.  Apart from the “comprehensive carefree package” – all services from a single source – you can individually reserve almost all of our services on a modular principle.

We look forward to your call.


Utilize our network of excellence

We offer event solutions for demanding, strategic and communicative questions in the pharmaceutical market.

Healthcare policy reforms and political demands change and tighten up the rules of the game in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets at ever shorter intervals. They influence science, medical marketing and communications to a considerable extent which leads to the need to adapt communication and marketing strategies to the latest developments and trends.

Our core competence is the sustained provision of medical topics, which initially involves communicative work.  At the same time this demands a vast and comprehensive knowledge of general conditions and developments in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market

To comply with the high demand for quality in our work, we have developed a competent network which consists of the following sectors: 

  • Strategy/management consultancy
  • Public Relations
  • Healthcare policy
  • Medical writing
  • Medical law
  • Events technology

Benefit from contacting us and our network.  You will receive all the relevant aspects from a single source, as required.


Our in-house info magazine “in dialogue”

Apart from the day-to-day work there are numerous interesting topics and questions which we regularly present in our magazine “in dialogue”.

We would like to…

  • point out the latest trends where events are concerned
  • provide the latest information about SYSTEM DIALOG MED. AG 
  • allow experts to speak about healthcare policy developments 
  • Create sudden insights –  “Do you also offer this as an agency?!” 

You will receive our customer magazine twice yearly. We are also happy to include proposed topics. If you are interested in special topics or services, write to us.

Take a look at our archive. We have listed the individual editions of “in dialogue” for downloading. We hope you will like what you read!

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